Care Partnerships With Local Authorities

After running several successful pilot schemes, we are now working in partnership with a number of Local Authorities, and this is rapidly increasing.

We consistently deliver a service within current standard costing guidelines and have improved personalisation and a bespoke service for each client.

We operate “Care Hubs” to engage with the client, their family and the local authority, so all who have agreed access are able to monitor care provisions.

Carers also have an App to schedule their own calls, electronically monitor delivery and track care planning for every client.

We have found local authorities are keen to engage with us and generate hyperlocal communities in the area to grow the service as an alternative to other social care delivery solutions.

We have even had one Authority declare they see the way CareMatch delivers care "as the future of care today” and we are proud that we are continuing to increase our partnerships and engagement with Local Authorities.