Local Authorities

Local Authorities.

After running several pilots we have collated the following results: We have demonstrated vastly increased continuity of approximately 92.2% ( 92.2% of the clients have seen the same team of carers throughout the year) and we have recorded improved client satisfaction and 90% staff retention over a 12 month period. We are delivering the service within current standard costing guidelines and have improved personalisation and a bespoke service for each client. We operate Care Hubs to engage with the family and local authority, so all who have agreed access are able to monitor care provisions for every client. Carers have an App to schedule their own calls, electronically monitor delivery and track care planning for every client. We have found local authorities are keen to engage with us and generate hyperlocal communities in the area to grow the service as an alternative to other social care delivery solutions. We have even had one Authority declare they see it "as the future of care today."

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Working in partnership with several local authorities, CareMatch was designed to facilitate improved social care by empowering the carers, providing flexible working hours and offering a lucrative pay structure. We are attracting a workforce new to care, thus increasing capacity within communities to service their social care needs.