Visiting carers work in small local teams to deliver a service to their clients. The service relies on cooperative collaborative working within teams - there are no managers and there is no office.

You also have the flexibility to cover shifts with agencies or a Care Home near you. We work closely with local authorities to start small teams of carers working in specific areas. 

Live-in carers work in small teams to deliver 24 hour care to their clients, organising their own timings into and out of post. 

  • All carers are given an App to manage their schedule, track care plans, complete notes and monitor their delivery, and you will have the support of a helpline and operations team to get any help or advice you might need. 
  • Carers are paid at the point of delivery, so once you complete a call ("clock out") or a week of live-in care, your account will get credited. 
  • All carers are fully-vetted and must have an up to date DBS, two references and verification of training. 

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