We offer both live-in care and home care. CareMatch provides services to vulnerable individuals in their own home. We suggest you keep work very local, so you spend more time with the client and less time travelling. We let you develop a professional relationship with the client, so you can be flexible and deliver a bespoke service for every individual. You are also able to elect to cover shifts with agencies or a Care Home near you. We also work closely with local authorities to start small teams of carers working in specific areas. Live-in carers work in small teams to deliver 24 hour care to their clients, organising their own timings into and out of post. All carers are given an App to manage their schedule, track care plans, complete notes and monitor their delivery. Home carers work in small local teams to deliver a service to a cohort of clients. The service relies on cooperative collaborative working within teams of carers - there are no managers and there is no office. All carers have the support of a helpline and operations team to get any help or advice you might need. In order to register you will need a DBS, two references and verification of training. Carers are paid at the point of delivery, so once you complete a call ("clock out") or a week of live-in care, your account will get credited. For the best paid care work at the touch of a button, CareMatch is the answer.

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CareMatch offers carers the ability to charge a rate that reflects the work you do and the responsibility you have. We register both live-in and home carers. Whilst you do not need to have previous experience you do need to have completed full induction training, which we can deliver if required.

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